Custom design linear encoder

We design custom linear encoder for your OEM product

Target application and key features

  • Linear position control with with incremental or digital output.
  • Absolute position .
Read head 19x20 mm

Key data
Specification example
Resolution between position increments
Down to 0.005 mm
Digital interface with SPI for 10-14 bit position data or incremental
Travel length
From fraction of a mm up to any length limited by PCB scale. If absolute travel length exceed absolut position range, the position gets a rollover
Sampling interval and speed
Max speed about 5 m/s. Internal sampling interval is  up to 100 µs and is averaged over a period of less than 1 ms. More specialized version with unlimited speed can be provided.
3-5 V, <10 mA
Capacitive sensor using standard PCB and an interface circuit from AnderMotion.

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